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The Beginning of the Plogs! (Pizza Blog)

Oakwood Pizza was founded over 35 years ago by the late great Pino Castronovo. Pino came here from Sicily to follow his heart and more importantly follow the American Dream. Throughout this Blog I will go into more detail about the circumstances and life experiences Pino went through to achieve his American Dream. Oakwood Pizza in Edison NJ being the ultimate prize for him and his family. Pino had come to have multiple homes throughout his life, some being the ones he actually lived in. This first post will be a quick little post to give an idea of what the theme of this little Blog will be about. Edison NJ has been home to our family's pizzeria for a very long time and we take pride in the food we serve and the service we offer. Stay tuned for some great stories from our family here at Oakwood Pizza! The picture attached is of the current owner and his father, the original owner Pino.

Pino on the right and Carmelo on the left

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